Why proteobiotics are the next generation of probiotic technology.

How Do They Work?

It is believed most probiotics work by ‘out-competing’ bad bacteria in the digestive tract. However, new research has found that probiotics actually produce signal molecules that interrupt cell-to-cell communication (‘quorum sensing’), reducing the ability of harmful bacteria to attach, colonize and produce toxins in the gut.

Clinically effective, scientifically advanced probiotic products – called proteobiotics – are non-enzymatic bioactive substances naturally secreted by probiotic bacteria.

The Result:

The effect of proteobiotics is a turning down of the virulence genes and a rebalancing of the ratio of good-to-bad bacteria. No other molecules work in this way.

Proteobiotics provide a new first line of defense against even antibiotic-resistant bacteria. This technology is now available in two new products, YGIA for dogs, and NUVIO for swine.


Rebalancing canine gut health with proteobiotics.



Reduce virulence—naturally—to protect your investment.