Preserving the balance nature intended 

Leading the way in a whole new category of microbiome products that help maintain natural, healthy intestinal balance without changing its microbial composition.

What are microbiome products?

Microbiome products seek to improve or protect the health of the animal by reducing the symptoms of disrupted microbiome. Specifically, Nuvio Poultry works by reducing the symptoms of a disrupted microbiome, giving it time to heal and re-establish its balance. Because, when it comes to healthy, productive flocks, intestinal health makes all the difference.

Intestinal health – it’s all in the balance

When a bird undergoes production stress, the delicate balance between beneficial and non-beneficial bacteria in its intestine can be disrupted. Excessive growth in non-beneficial bacteria results, predisposing birds to poor feed efficiency, slowed growth performance, all with resulting economic losses to the producer. The disrupted microbiome is difficult to diagnose. With wet feces being the only red flag, it is endemic in today’s production environments and a daily reality producers have to deal with.

Stress is the norm

Transport, chilling, diet changes, a compressed production window – a bird’s life is a time of unrelenting stress. Balance in the intestinal microbiome is under constant threat. Nuvio Poultry leads the way in a brand-new category of microbiome products that are used preventively to target excess growth in harmful intestinal bacteria that occurs when birds come under stress.

This is what makes Nuvio Poultry so exciting. Before the microbiome can get disrupted, Nuvio Poultry helps maintain the microbiome’s natural defense mechanisms without changing the microbial composition of the intestine.

Preserving perfection: The Nuvio Poultry difference

In a matter of days after hatching, chicks come into contact with environmental microbes – both beneficial and harmful – that soon develop and flourish to form the microbiome. When the microbiome is balanced, it provides the very best possible protective barrier against disease while fine tuning the bird’s immune system. At the same time, these bacteria produce vitamins, short-chain fatty acids, organic acids, antimicrobial compounds, and triglycerides, which provide nutrition necessary for growth.

How Nuvio Poultry works: The other big difference

Nuvio poultry’s mode of action is unique in the microbiome segment. Before their overgrowth results in a disrupted microbiome state, pathogenic bacteria need to communicate and organize themselves using a process called quorum sensing. Nuvio Poultry contains specific bioactive peptides that are proven quorum sensing inhibitors (QSIs) that interrupt the chemical cell-to-cell communication between harmful bacteria, impeding their ability to work together to further colonize and produce toxins in the intestine when birds undergo stress.

QSIs are unique in the microbiome category

Nuvio Poultry’s bioactive peptides are produced from the fermentation of specifically selected, regulatory approved bacteria but, unlike probiotics, they are not living organisms themselves. While they effectively disrupt pathogenic bacterial communication and reduce virulent gene expression and toxin secretion among specific pathogenic bacteria, they do so without altering nature’s complex microbiome systems that, when in balance, provide the very best protection possible.


The benefits of maintaining balanced bacterial populations in production flocks are real and proven. In different scenarios, Nuvio Poultry always yielded a positive return on investment, from a minimum of 2.5 times up to an eye-popping 5.7 times, making it an invaluable tool for ensuring healthier flocks, and fast, consistent weight gain.


  • A water-based oral product 
  • Fast acting
  • Known to have a small inclusion rate
  • Known to improve overall bird health and uniformity 
  • Proven to reduce the need for other health products

A perfect balance
Nature created it.
Nuvio Poultry maintains it.
Even in times of stress.


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