Pioneering Proteobiotics

The MicroSintesis team is uniquely qualified, and dedicated to taking the lead in proteobiotics innovation.

The faces behind the science:

Hannah McIver


For Hannah McIver, the convergence of business, science, agriculture and animal health is as inevitable as it is natural. Raised on a farm in England, she studied biomedicine at the University of Guelph before she and her sister Alison founded, (and subsequently sold) Agribiotics, a company specializing in research and production of microbial products for agriculture. With MicroSintesis, Hannah’s strong sense of mission (the Toronto Star calls her a “serial entrepreneur”) is now focused on making MicroSintesis a leader in the science of proteobiotics.

Dr. Mansel Griffiths

Chief Scientific Officer

As the founding scientist and Chief Scientific Officer for MicroSintesis, Dr. Griffiths leads the R&D team and sets the strategic research objectives for the company. He is highly active in the food science world, serving on the advisory board for many international food companies and as editor for a number of distinguished international journals.

“What attracted me? I was particularly impressed by the potential of proteobiotics as a platform technology.”

– Edouard Dufour

Edouard Dufour

Board Member, Strategy and Finance

Edouard Dufour strengthens our team through his passion for the MicroSintesis vision and his extensive strategic financial experience. He’s Senior Manager at Natixis Canada, in charge of developing Global Markets activities. Edouard spent 14 years in banking management, with two decades of capital market experience across a range of multi-national corporations. Before joining Natixis’ Americas Platform from its Paris Head Office, he served as Global Head of Structured Finance Hedging.

“I enjoy supporting MicroSintesis as it brings a new innovative category of Microbiome Therapy products to the market.”

– Dr. Walter Heuser

Dr. Walter Heuser

Animal Health, Livestock Business Manager

Dr. Heuser’s experience provides the MicroSintesis team with a solid background in livestock production, veterinary medicine, as well as in marketing and technical support in the animal health industry. Dr Heuser has managed the Canadian swine & poultry business unit for over 10 years.

Whitney Johnstone

Companion Animal Sales

Whitney’s background as a Registered Veterinary Technician, and subsequent career in pet care products and pharmaceuticals, in both sales and sales management, leaves her well qualified to provide a face and voice to MicroSintesis.

Alain Labbé

Research Director

With more than 10 years of industrial research experience in Biotechnology, Encapsulation, Immunology, Flow cytometry, Confocal microscopy, pre-clinical models, cellular biology, molecular biology and microbiology, Dr. Labbé earned his PhD in Immunology at the University of Toronto. His passion for natural product chemistry stems from the idea that we can use biotechnology to harness nature for human and animal health.

The science of proteobiotics

Find out how this team is helping MicroSintesis take the lead in proteobiotic technology.